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About me

Lately more and more people are turning to photographing. However, I’m one of those who are taking photos for much longer time. Many started with Smena. I did not. My first camera was Zenith - although, I have tried Smena, Chaika and Ljubitel. It is awesome. Beautiful photos are made. People like and I can be glad about it.

How many nights have been spent in the bathroom – in the personal photo lab developing and exposing photos. That has been a deliberate process but is the creation of photos something deliberate?

Intentional creation of picture, images, and photos, creation of composition, analyse of other authors’ works have been done in the last five years time. Abilities of both work in studio and natural lighting use have actively been tried out just recently. It is an uninterrupted process. People have become more free and easy, opened, and dare to do that they haven’t dared before. Each photo session gives new emotions and demonstrative examples in photos.

I am trying to use technical tips, obtained information form literature and different courses in my praxis.

Actually I am trying to save the original moment in photos in order to use just very minimal opportunities of different picture processing programs.

If you wish to collaborate with me, you will know – how and what to do.

But now I am saying – Goodbye!